That's an order of seafood riggies. Lot's of yummy creamy sauce, scallops and shrimp, but that's not all. 

We don't care how big your appetite is. This order of riggies is almost impossible to finish. You choose hot, medium or mild then add black olives, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, chicken, the list goes on and on. Your made to order riggies are served up swimming in the most delicious pink sauce, and only available Saturday Nights at Patty's Pub, Rt. 20 in Bridgewater.

Here is a review from Dick H. of Yorkville we found on about the prime rib that we enjoy most Friday nights - unless it's sold out.

My wife and I decided to try Patty's Pub for dinner tonight. Don't let appearances fool you. Patty's looks like a typical small town tavern, but the prime rib we both ordered would have been right at home in a four star restaurant. It was a huge piece of prime. It was perfectly cooked to order, was about two inches thick, and the salad bar was excellent.
The service was fast and very friendly. The price was great. We will be back! Don't miss this little gem of a place!

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