The Westmoreland Historical Society and Wilde Rep Theater present a unique 'Drive-thru' Haunted Schoolhouse on Halloween night.

This Halloween, Saturday, from 5 pm - 7 pm, pull up into the parking lot at 50 Station Road in Westmoreland to hear spooky stories performed by professional, costumed actors from the comfort of your car.

The Westmoreland Historical Society says the event lasts approximately 15 minutes. There are 5 different stations for you to stop and watch a scary 3-minute story acted out.  The tale will be adapted to the age group in the vehicle.

The Drive-thru Haunted Schoolhouse is free thanks to the sponsor Duncan Mobile Wash and volunteers Kelly Motly, Samantha Baquern, Ally Priore, Cassie Angerosa, and Lighting Director Wayne Murphy. They are not only the actors, but they also wrote the scary 3-minute stories and performances.

This Halloween will be super spooky as it's also the second full moon of the month called the Hunter’s Moon. When two full Moons rise in a single month (about every 2 1/2 to 3 years), the second full Moon is called a “Blue Moon.” Although Halloween's Full Moon won't look blue in color, it is very uncommon. Astronomers say the next 100% illuminated full Halloween Moon won't happen for another 19 years in 2039.

Other events during the day on Halloween include free trick or treating for kids in the corn maze at Wagner Farms Event Center, 5841 Old Oneida Road in Rome. Non-spooky actors will pass out candy along a dedicated walking path in the maze. There will be one-way walking traffic, and children are welcome to come dressed in their costumes and partake in the event with their parents guiding the way.

After the daytime event, they will be offering adults 17 and over a special last call haunted corn maze event. Fee applies for the evening event.

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