Happy Birthday to Rainbow Young! Let's celebrate "57 trips around the sun" on October 5th at the Tram Cafe part of the Rainbow Young's Birthday Jam at the Tram!

Utica's favorite musician is celebrating with a large group of friends at the Tram Cafe on October 5th after 8PM. There will be a special performance from The Rainbow Young Tram Jam Band, other performances by The Swordfish Trombones, The Mustard Band, and The Moment. Tickets will cost you $3.

On  October 5th, let's sing Happy Birthday to RAINBOW.

Utica's Garrett Ingraham Turns 43

If you support local arts then the name "Garrett Ingraham" should ring the Liberty Bell here in Utica. Today Utica's finest turns 43. You can find Ingraham daily at The Tram in Utica, considering he's one of the owners. He's by far one of the most talented individuals I've ever met.

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