Thanksgiving -  a great big feast with pies, mashed potatoes, and of course turkey! A deep fried turkey is delicious and juicy to eat, but they can be extremely dangerous to make.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires followed by Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. Deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving is responsible for more than a thousand fires. Why is it so dangerous? People don’t know how to properly prepare it. There are certain safety tips you should follow, here’s a few:

  • Thaw Your Turkey- One major cause of turkey fryer accidents is that the turkey is not completely thawed, which can create a volatile situation. Allow approximately 24 hours for every five pounds of bird thawed.
  • Go Outside- Use your turkey fryer outdoors, away from buildings and anything that can burn. You’d think you wouldn’t have to mention this, but there’s a reason it’s on the list.
  • Stay Alert- Never leave the fryer unattended. If you don't watch it carefully, the oil may catch fire.

So when you’re deep frying the bird this year, be safe, and enjoy the taste.

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