The Rome Police Department offered up a hilarious Valentine's Day special that quickly went viral.

Flowers die and you know what they say about chocolate - a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. So Rome Police officers served up a priceless alternative.

"Thinking of a former (or current) Valentine that has an outstanding Rome City Court warrant," the department asked on Facebook followed with their phone number and a link to let them know for a special holiday offer."

The special Valentine's Day officer included a "charming pair of chrome bracelets, a ride inside of a police car, a tour of our booking room and free transportation to Court."

Tipsters were even given the option to remain anonymous.

That's what I call true love. Love for the law. Love for karma. And love for a good sense of humor.

Rome Police

The Rome Police Department is well known for the love of their community. The officers do so much more than their job of serving neighborhoods.

They've help a couple get engaged.

Makayla Branson

They've answered phones during our St Jude radiothon. Many even became Partners in Hope to help save children fighting cancer.


They've raised money for charities, participating in viral trends, including 'Hot Cops'. And boy does the Rome Police Department have those in spades.

Rome Police Department

They've even helped transform a local man, to get him back on his feet.

Rome Police Department

All that AND a sense of humor. What more could you ask for from a police department in your community?

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