The Superintendent of Schools at the Rome City School District says they had no choice but to start classes remotely.

"We carefully examined what it would take to bring students in on a part time basis, and when you add up all the moving parts, there's not enough time, there's not enough resources," said Superintendent Peter Blake. "It can be done, but it won't be done well and it certainly won't be what parents are expecting in their heads."

The decision made in Rome is to begin classes remotely on September 14th for all students through October. The district will then review their options going forward.

Blake said the governor gave districts the option to make the decision they felt best for their students and community.  He said they felt that based on all circumstances, there was no way they could open in September using the hybrid model.

Rome has been joined by all five of the State's larger school districts which have opted to start remotely.

School Districts in the Mohawk Valley have adopted several different models of reopening, most of which are using some form of the hybrid model where students are broken into two groups and will basically spend half of the week in person and the other half remotely from home. Some schools have different plans form grammar school, middle and high school.  Districts are now carrying out their required meetings with parents and teachers this week. Those meetings must be completed by this Friday at which time schools will be facing the option to move forward as planned, or to modify their plans.

Listen to the complete interview with Blake here:


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