A family in Rome is desperate to find their dog and bring her home.

Tia, an orange Labradoodle, has been missing since Saturday, September 5th. Shelley Waterman says the dog got scared by fireworks and jumped the fence in their backyard on Maple Drive in Rome.

"She's very friendly and we just want to find her for my boys, William and Andrew" Waterman explained through tears. "Especially for my son Andrew."

Andrew has cerebral palsy and Waterman says "Tia always sits or lays with him and he's lost without her."

Photo Credit - Shelley Waterman

The family has put Tia's blankets and some of their shirts on the fence she jumped, hoping she'll smell them and return on her own. They are also offering a reward for anyone who finds the dog and brings her home. "It was $100 but we want to increase it to $500."

If anyone finds Tia, contact Shelley Waterman on Facebook or call 315-335-6493.

Photo Credit - Shelley Waterman

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