No, not the night where newly married people moon their honey (sorry!) Two months ago we tried to see the first of four blood moons but here in CNY skies were overcast... Coming up THIS Friday, the 13th there will be a full moon (yeah, creepy) and this one is called the Honey Moon.

We haven't seen one in a decade and a half and given the unlucky date too, hopefully the weather will cooperate. All of that aside, is there any connection between this 'honey MOON' and the honeymoons that follow weddings?? Yes!!


Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Of course, like the blood moon this one is named for it's color, but back in the 1500's when this particular moon got it's name, most weddings were held in June and deliberately planned around the phases of the moon. Not only that but honey was considered to be  a fertility booster at the time. So, whether or not you're getting married this weekend (like one of our station DJs is) don't miss out on this honey moon, because the last time one of these fell on Friday the 13th was back in 1919, and the next time we'll see it again is 2049! Or just jump into some nuptials and who cares what the skies are doing and hopefully you won't be on your second honeymoon by the time the second amber colored moon of the century shows up in the sky again. Good luck, Wheeler...

Here's the stream of the moon in case clouds kill it for us: