I never 'like' anything on Facebook but recently found former Star Trek actor George Takei's posts so compelling and funny that I liked him so I wouldn't miss a post! Well, the cat's out of the bag, George Takei online isn't really the man himself, nor is he Captain Sulu, but rather ghostwriter-comedy journalist, Rick Polito. Aw darn. Guess you really can be anybody online if you really wanna be. George can you hear the sigh of the air let out of your collective 4 million fan's balloons? Our didgital guy, Phil is gonna flip (word that rhymes with 'fit')... Here's George, or Rick , or Sulu or whoever in his own words:



What is this hoo-ha about my FB posts? I have Brad, my husband, to help me and interns to assist. What is important is the reliability of my posts being there to greet my fans with a smile or a giggle every morning. That’s how we keep on growing.