Former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora and onetime Alice Cooper guitarist Orianthi, who perform together as RSO, have released a new song,“Masterpiece,” which you can listen to above. The track comes from their new EP, Rise.

The couple set up a studio in their kitchen to work on music, and established their own open-door policy to collaborating with whoever happened to drop by. Guests included Cooper, Robby Krieger of the Doors and Paul McCartney’s current drummer, Abe Laborial Jr.

“You never know who’s going to wander through,” Sambora told Billboard. “It was our relationship we were exploring, and now it goes out to humanity. Hopefully people are going to go, ‘Yeah, I get that.’"

"Masterpiece," he said, is “a very cool way to say I love you. As songwriters, we’re trying to say, ‘f--- you’ or ‘I love you’ – either one.” “We’re always coming up with different ideas – it could be 4 in the morning," Orianthi added. "When we first wake up, if we have an idea, it’s great to have it where you feel comfortable.”

Sambora and Orianthi recorded 25 tracks, but there are many more to come, they said. “I have, like, 1000 voice memos on my iPhone,” she noted.

Sambora and Orianthi will perform together on Oct. 2 at the Los Angeles Family Day’s Spirit of Excellence Dinner, a fundraiser for cancer and AIDS research.

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