Is your heart three sizes too small? Does the singing from Whoville drive you nuts? There is a perfect place for you to rent this Christmas.

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On the rental website, you can rent the Grinch's cave this Christmas.

The "Grinch's Cave" is currently located in Utah and has everything you would expect a grinch to have in their cave.

Plus it has everything you would want in a vacation stay. The Grinch's Cave is a multilevel 5,700-square-foot lair. Inside the cave, you can occupy your time by playing the Grinch's organ, drinking from his coffee maker, reading his books, and sitting on his couch so you can dream about all the ways you could steal Christmas from the Whos too.

Inside the Grinch's cave, you’ll find the Grinch's main bedroom, an additional guest bedroom, and two bathrooms—plus a study and a music room. There’s also a full kitchen, which comes with all the Grinch's favorites, including roast beast, Who-pudding, and an emergency stash of Who-hash.

The Grinch will be away this Christmas, so you will have the cave all to yourself. Plus since the Grinch liked to be away from people, his cave is in a remote area of Utah. He is asking anyone who wants to rent his cave to know these helpful hints.

The location is remote, so you’ll need to bring food and beverages for your entire stay.

Make sure you have a car that’s at least a crossover or larger for the trail leading up Mt. Crumpit. Four-wheel-drive is a plus.

There’s no internet or cable available and cell service is limited. The Grinch does have a landline just in case the Christmas spirit hits you.

Also, the Grinch reminds you that you have to be 21 or older to rent his cave.

Rent The Grinch Cave

Need to grow your heart three sizes? Stay where the Grinch lived.

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