It was March 13, 2013 that the quiet villages of Mohawk and Herkimer were shocked with the horrible news of a gunman loose in the community. Our sister station, WIBX, was on the scene in Mohawk and Herkimer from the first tense moments as the search began for the man who would later be identified at Kurt Myers.

In this exclusive, in-depth series, WIBX takes a look back at the Herkimer shooting spree.

Reporter Luke Tubia visited Herkimer to speak with community members about that day. Listen to resident Scott Tranter talk about keeping the local diner open as a community gathering place during and after the tense standoff.

Suspect Kurt Myers was killed in a shootout with police. With his death, we never learned what motivated the deadly rampage. WIBX Brand Manger Jeff Monaski speaks with police in Mohawk and Herkimer to find out about the law enforcement investigation over the course of the last year.

It's almost incomprehensible to imagine one's hometown becoming the scene of a major manhunt and hours-long stand-off but that's the situation WIBX morning show host Bill Keeler found himself in on the day of the Herkimer shootings. Keeler provided hours of reporting from behind police lines as the manhunt moved through the villages of Mohawk and Herkimer.

The law enforcement community lost one of their own on the morning the Kurt Myers stand-off ended, a K9 officer named Ape. The German shepherd was fresh from his training and just two months into his tour of duty with the FBI when he was shot inside the building where Myers was holed up. News Director Jim Rondenelli takes a look back, and forward as protection has increased for police dogs.

Honoring the Victims

Killed: Harry M. Montgomery, Michael G. Rancier, Thomas Stefka and Michael L. Renshaw.

Surviving shooting victims: Barber John Seymour and Dan Haslauer, a customer at the barber shop.


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