Most kids are pretty excited about their first job;  Your own money means not having to as mom and dad for some cash every time you want to do something.  Now you don’t have to clean out the garage to earn 5 bucks for gas.  I remember mine well.  Being from North Central Iowa, one of the main jobs for a 14 year old kid was walking beans or removing the tassels from corn.  Laborious job, early morning so you could get 8 hours in before the sun was too unbearable.  Not very glamorous, but it was 5.00 an hour and we were off by about noon so we could enjoy the rest of the day at the lake.  At 16, I got lucky….with a job, I mean.  J  The local radio station came to our school for a career day.  They were looking for weekend help and they brought with them a tape recorder for kids to record reporting some news.  I was intrigued.  I auditioned and received a call a few days later with an offer.  Best part time job, a teenager getting paid to play records.  That’s right, I said records.  Before I left, CDs were just being introduced and they were much more difficult to cue up.  So what was your first summer job?  Did you like it?  Often times, lasting friendships can be made at your first job. A few weeks ago, my teenage daughter finally got her first job.  She was excited to be working in a fast food restaurant.  Now she has her own money and doesn’t always pester me for free cash.  Glad she is enjoying it…for now anyway.

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