Can you believe these temperatures? We already broke the record for today.

February 21, 1953, held the record for the warmest temperature set at 58 degrees. Utica broke that record at 1:53 this morning with a temperature of 60 degrees according to intellicast.comYesterday was not a record breaker at 58 as we hit 59 degrees in 1981.

Rome got close yesterday with temps reaching 58 at 3:53 pm but the record held at 59 degrees set in 1981. Today, however, the 1953 record of 53 degrees was broken at 12:53 this morning with a temperature of 57 degrees.

The National Weather Service Out of Binghamton says unusual warmth continues for now. Syracuse at midnight already tied its record high for today at 65 degrees, and that may be revisited by late morning. Binghamton airport daily record is 61 set in 1953; like yesterday our forecast has it being broken by a few degrees. Avoca PA record today is 67 degrees; it will be very close. That being said, even with warm strong southwesterly flow we have had a few of our most prone radiational cooling spots dip down considerably - and temporarily - including Elmira now at only 40 degrees with fog. Though fog in the Poconos-Catskills is patchier compared to yesterday morning, it is still thick in spots including Monticello which has only quarter-mile visibility.

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