When domestic abuse is being discussed, not often enough is finances also talked about. In a relationship, money needs (needs!) to be communicated and communicated often. If you're making more than your partner, but your partner is spending more than you? You both need to sit down and talk.

Financial abuse is a real thing in relationships that is often swept under the rug... but can you even afford that rug? Have you and your partner recently bought a house that you can't afford, plus maybe a new car, add your student debt, and you are still going out to eat most nights? How are your credit cards looking?

If you say no to spending, does your partner get upset? Think about it.

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Do you feel guilted into buying them presents? And if you say no, or you go for a cheaper option, do they make you feel bad? Financial abuse is real. You are made to feel like you have to spend money to earn their love.

Talk to your partner about expectations. You love them, but your credit card bills are unmanageable, so make a plan to cut back on your spending. If they love you and the relationship, they should be understanding.

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