Former Lightweight Champion of the world, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, was at the boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota yesterday to promote the release of his new movie "The Good Son," a film about his life and boxing career.Mancini famously vowed to win the title for his father, Lenny, who's own promising boxing career was cut short by injuries suffered in World War II. The younger Mancini held the WBA lightweight title for two years from 1982 until 1984.

The movie chronicles his life from beginning his pro career through his title victory over Arturo Frias, and the tragic events that followed his November 1982 fight with challenger Duk Koo Kim that left Kim in a coma that lead to his death four days after the fight.

Mancini is very proud of his career. You can listen to an interview with "Boom Boom" below and see a video of his visit to the Boxing Hall of Fame.

On his movie "The Good Son":

On winning the title for his father:

On getting into the Hall of Fame:


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