Ratt unveiled its new lineup Saturday night (July 7) in Kansas at the Kansas Star Casino featuring singer Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier as the sole original members. Video footage of the band performing their hit "Round and Round" can be viewed above.

"We have not had an all-original member line up since 1991 and sadly with the passing of Robbin Crosby, that chapter is over," said Pearcy in a statement announcing the relaunch of Ratt last month. "However, if you still want to see the original band, there are many videos on YouTube and other places to enjoy. That was a fucking great band, but I guarantee that the new breed of Ratt that we put on stage every night will be in your face, energized and fully engaged. Simply put, the band our fans deserve."

Joining Pearcy and Croucier in the current incarnation are guitarists Jordan Ziff and Chris Sanders, along with Pete Holmes on drums. Collectively, they replace the late guitarist Crosby, who died in 2002, ousted guitarist Warren DeMartini and drummer Bobby Blotzer. In late 2016, it was revealed Pearcy, Croucier and DeMartini had regained control of the Ratt name from Blotzer, who had been touring under the moniker for a period.

"Naturally, we are excited for the future of Ratt," Croucier said of the relaunch. "Our long-term goals are still the same: give the Ratt fans the highest quality shows possible, period. The evolution of the band has had many twists and turns. We are looking to the future, and to the many good times ahead. We are moving forward with the new breed of Ratt."

Though only a handful of dates have been announced, which can be found at this location, Ratt promise more to come as they plan to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the band's debut LP, Out of the Cellar, with a world tour. New music is also said to be in the works.

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