Are you seeing people turning their profiles on Facebook and Twitter to Purple? It's all for World Cancer Day on February 4th. Here's more details, and how to turn your profile purple. 

Our friends and family members have been turning their profiles purple in honor of the American Cancer Society and "World Cancer Day". World Cancer Day is a day devoted to improving general knowledge around cancer and dismissing misconceptions about the disease. Chevrolet has teamed up for the Purple movement and will contribute $1 to the American Cancer Society for every purple profile, up to $1 million. Now they will ONLY DONATE IF YOU USE THIS SITE. The site has the option for you to turn your Facebook page purple, or twitter page.

Action is the strongest way to improve the lives of those with cancer today and help find cures to end the disease tomorrow. Help us finish the fight and purple your profile now."

Locally our Relay For Life's will begin kicking of in February and March. We will have those details up soon.

For now, be sure to turn your profile purple on February 4th.


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