Albert Pujols went deep twice on Tuesday night to push his career home run total to the once immortal 500 club lifting the Los Angeles Angels past the Washington Nationals 7-2.

Not accusing 'El Hombre' of anything here, but its worth noting that the previous generation's penchant for steroid use has kinda dulled the glamor on what was once one of the most impressive accomplishments in professional sports. In today's game, it's kind of expected that a true slugger will get there someday - especially if he plays long enough.

As reported by ESPN, it's still an elite club, but not quite what it used to be:

Of the 26 members of the 500-homer club, 11 have reached the mark in the last 15 years, according to STATS. Gary Sheffield was the most recent player to do it, hitting No. 500 on April 17, 2009.

Pujols has been a dominant presence in the batter's box for his entire 14 year career and is the third youngest player to reach 500, with Alex Rodriguez and Jimmie Foxx both making the mark at the age of 32.

NOTE: The above photo was snapped following LA's 7-2 win of the over Nationals game Tuesday night. I couldn't resist paying some tribute to the sharply dressed reported who got his suit soaked. Wrong place, wrong time. But he seems to have taken it in stride.