Add Price Chopper to the list of grocery stores that now offer curbside pickup.

Let's just put this right out there: curbside pickup is a busy person's dream. Don't like crowds? Don't want to get out of your car in the rain and cold? Don't want to wander aisles throwing stuff in your cart you don't really need?

Curbside pickup is for you.

We've done both Hannaford and Walmart curbside pickup - and let me tell you: life changing. It's like magic. You pull up, and everything you wanted...just appears. You have your own personal grocery shopping fairy godmother.

Now you can add Price Chopper to the list of Central New York stores offering the service. The Commercial Drive store, and the North Utica stores are both on the list - as are a whole host or others, including Rome and Oneida, and Erie Boulevard in Syracuse. You can check out the whole list HERE.

All you have to do is go online, place your order - plug in your AdVantage Card number, pull up - and voila! Groceries appear. Plus, you can even text your personal shopper before they get done to add something you forgot. That's so cool.

Personally, anytime I use the pickup option, I spend less money, and I get only what I need - it turns out, we throw less food away, too.

Have you tried curbside pickup yet? Which store? Do you love it?


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