I know it isn’t the healthiest thing, but I love having my tacos with extra cheese. When I say extra, I mean loaded with cheese. It’s the best part other than adding salsa right? Well if you shop at Price Chopper for your Taco Cheese you better be careful.

WIBX is reporting that Price Chopper is issuing a voluntary recall on its Coyote Joe’s Shredded Taco Cheese.

According to the company, the cheese may contain pieces of shredded plastic fragments inside the packaging. The product was sold at Price Chopper stores between January 4th and January 17th, and has an expiration date of April 21st. Customers may return the product to their local Price Chopper for a full refund. For more information, visit pricechopper.com.


Do you use Coyote Joe’s Shredded Taco Cheese? If not, what do you use?

[via WIBX]

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