The quick answer is no, but there are two Price Chopper stores in the nation that are currently charging for bags so far and one is in Upstate New York.

The Watertown Daily Times reported yesterday that a Price Chopper store in Lake Placid is now charging to bag your groceries with their bags. Before you flip-out about the fee, it is quite minimal at only 5 cents per bag for both paper and plastic, like a bottle deposit. If you happen to bring in your own reusable bags, they'll actually pay you 3 cents per bag as a thank you for going the extra mile.

Here's a quick statement from Price Chopper's spokeperson:

“Our focus is to find and support the most effective way forward to diminish our reliance on disposable plastics, paper and plastic (bags), and encourage the use of long-term, heavy-duty alternatives”

We placed a call to our local Price Chopper stores and they were able to confirm that as of right now they don't charge for the use of their bags (yet) and were unaware of any plans to do so. The front desk people also added that normally when corporate rolls out a change, it happens across the board so this is somewhat unprecedented and looks like an experiment more than a change in policy.

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