Miracle do happen. Just ask a mother who had to evacuate her flooded home, leaving her son's ashes behind.

Kim Demetro, lives in an adult community on Route 28 in Poland, where only 5 homes were untouched by the Halloween flood. She lost everything, including her son Christian's ashes. "I was heart broken."

It all happened so fast. Demetro says her son Andrew works nights and had just fallen asleep. "I spoke to him at 7:30 am there was nothing. At 8:15 firemen were in the house waking him up. He escaped by boat and would have been swept away if they didn’t come in and get him."

Thankful her family was safe, Demetro needed to go back to find her son's ashes.  "My son and cousin risked their lives, going back in by boat, something officials were not happy about, but we didn't care."

Photo Credit - Kim Sterling Demetro
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The water had risen in Demetro's home, destroying everything. "When they got in the house, it was waist deep and my son is 6 feet tall. They looked everywhere but had to leave quickly with no ashes."

Once the waters had receded, Demetro returned home to survey the damage. She couldn't believe what she saw when she opened the door. "I literally opened the door and there sat the tin of Christian's ashes on the floor, unscathed. He was waiting for me."

The only damage was a small dent on the top of the tin.

Photo Credit - Kim Sterling Demetro

Despite losing everything in the flood, Demetro is thankful she still has what truly matters. "My family is safe. Christian's ashes are safe. I just hope he doesn’t scold me too hard for leaving him behind."

Photo Credit - Kim Sterling Demetr