More and more stories are coming in of people getting hurt while playing the new 'Pokemon Go' game. This story will hopefully make you think twice before picking up that phone behind the wheel.

Listen, we're not knocking the new "Pokemon Go" game - It has gotten people out and about in the world, socializing and making new friends, and heading outside for fresh air and exercise. We are a little concerned with the distraction factor, however. It seems like every day there are more and more people getting hurt because they are glued to their phones.

One of those reports came out of Auburn, New York on Tuesday, July 12th. A 28-year-old man crashed his brother's car playing the Pokemon Go game while driving. He ran off the road and hit a tree. This is just some of the damage:

Front View of Accident in Auburn, New York
Photo Credit Tricia Finn Cary via Facebook
Side View of Car Accident in Auburn, New York
Photo Credit: Tricia Finn Cary

Tricia Finn Cary posted these pictures on Facebook not to scold anyone or bash the game, but to bring awareness to the dangers of being distracted while driving. She said he wasn't the kind of person to answer his phone while driving - whether it was a call or text. But he just happened to look this time, because of a rare Pokemon.

Luckily, there were no serious injuries in this accident. The driver did have a broken ankle and a few cuts and bruises, but it could have been a lot worse. Tricia warns others on her Facebook Post stating,

Looking at his car, I am thankful for his life. Thankful that no one was in the death seat beside him because it is unlikely that they would have survived.
Please Please Please think of these photos when you're tempted to text, read email, change the music, or God forbid, catch the elusive Lapras Pokemon while driving.

Passenger View of Car Accident in Auburn, New York
Photo Credit: Tricia Finn Cary via Facebook

As you can tell from the picture, a passenger would have most likely been killed in the accident - There's nothing left of the that seat!

Please listen to Tricia and be careful while driving. Whether it's a Pokemon that has appeared, a text message you were waiting to receive, or an important phone call - Don't mess with your phone while you're driving. Wait until you stop, or pull over if it is that important.




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