If you are looking for some great local theater featuring some great local talent, then look no further.  Players of Utica, located on State Street in Utica, has a great lineup in store.

According to playersofutica.org, here are some of the great shows you can catch this season:

Don't Drink The Water: Comic chaos erupts behind the Iron Curtain when American tourists take pictures they shouldn't have.

The Mousetrap: The murderer always whistles 'Three Blind Mice' before he strikes. Find out why, in the world's longest-running play.

Agnes of God: Science is pitted against faith when a tragic death is revealed in a convent. Was it murder… or a miracle?

Sordid Lives: A hilarious comedy explains why you should never bury your mother in a mink stole during a Texas summer.

The Mod Musical SHOUT!: Five young women in 1960s London swing to life the fashions and dances and music (and hair!) that gave birth to the British Invasion.

Also on the website, you will find information on how you can help support local arts and you will also find the link to purchase tickets to any of these show.  Hope to see you at the theater!


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