Brains, beauty and a loving heart: those are just a few of the many ways to describe Playboy’s Miss August 2012, Beth Williams.

The gorgeous blonde from Ohio is the true definition of a girl next door. Williams was raised on a dairy farm in her youth, and quickly learned the value and importance of living life on land. She has carried it on throughout her adult years, currently living on a 38-acre spread in Ohio. On those rare days home, the 25-year-old model spends as much time as possible tending to her gardens and planning her future dreams, which includes getting a doctorate so she can teach.

We recently caught up with Miss August to talk about her sexy layout in the current issue of Playboy, her turn-ons and turnoffs, her career goals for the future and much more!

How does it feel to be Playboy’s Miss August 2012?

It’s been really exciting, and it feels amazing [laughs]! It’s a dream come true. I’ve wanted it forever since I can remember. It still hasn’t kicked in all the way.

When did you decide being a Playmate was something you wanted to pursue?

When I actively wanted to pursue it, it was five years ago, then I just shot my centerfold last May. It was approved, and when the editor called me, it was so surreal. She was like, “Congratulations, Miss August 2012!”

Beth Williams

What was your reaction when you saw the layout?

I loved it [laughs]! I’m a country girl, and I knew that they were going to go for “small town” kind of a theme. When I actually saw [the article] and it said “Country Strong,” I smiled really big [laughs]. It made my day … it made my year! It was a fun [shoot]. We shot it at the photographer’s house. It was a lot of fun.

Was it a pretty comfortable environment for you?

Oh, absolutely! [The photographer] has been working with Playboy for years upon years. He’s one of their head photographers. There were probably about 15 people on set. Everyone was so professional. They’ve done this so many times. It was not awkward at all. They were all very funny, and we had a great time.

Beth Williams Bra

Walk us through the process of getting to be a Playboy Playmate.

Hef approves every page in the magazine and every centerfold. They printed off a few [pictures to show him] because you have to test for Playmate. Then Hef looked at those pictures and says, “Yes, I want her to shoot a centerfold.” Then you have to shoot the centerfold, and then they send that to him, and he has to approve that as well. So that was a little nerve-wracking waiting for that call [laughs]! Once he approves your centerfold, you shoot your whole layout, and then he picks what pictures he wants in the magazine.

When people think of Playboy, they think about faces like Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison. A lot of girls really look up to them. How do you feel about being a role model?

I think I have good morals and ethics. I value education a lot. That’s why I decided to go for my education first. Hopefully girls will look up to me in that kind of sense.

Beth Williams

Now that you have the title of Miss August under your belt, have you noticed much of a change in your love life?

[laughs] I guess so … the person I’ve been seeing just sees me as Beth. I think he gets more attention for it. It’s like, “Oh … you’re with Miss August?!” But he still sees me as the same country girl.

What was his reaction to all of this?

Good! He was one of the first people I called. Luckily everyone in my family and friends have been really, really supportive, so I’ve been pretty lucky.

Beth Williams steps

What is one of the sweetest things your guy has done for you in your relationship?

When I was graduating with my bachelors degree, he told me he couldn’t make it. He told me he was stuck in Pittsburgh for school. He even had his classmate in the background saying how bad it sucked that they had to do this presentation. Then, like an hour before my ceremony, he was like, “Oh, I’m really sorry.” I was like, “Are you lying? You’re on your way up here, aren’t you?” He was like, “No! Tom, my roommate, is in the car with me.” He three-wayed his roommate on the phone to make it seem like he was still in Pittsburgh. Meanwhile, I look out my window, and he was pulling in my driveway. That was a good one [laughs]!

What are your turn-ons and turnoffs with guys?

Turn-ons … I like someone with a strong work ethic and who has a good head on their shoulders … and muscular arms [laughs]. Also, good hygiene and a pretty smile are turn-ons. They have to be taller than me. So the turnoffs are being short — because I’m 5’9″ and when I wear heels, I’m ginormous.

What are some of your tips to keeping a healthy relationship going strong?

Just be honest. Do something, if you told them you’re going to do it. You don’t want to give them a reason to doubt you. Just live by the moment and never go to sleep mad.

Talk about life growing up on a dairy farm.

I actually hated the cows growing up [laughs]! Just because I played a lot of basketball, and when the ball would roll down over the hill, it would roll into cow manure. I love animals. We had lots of farm cats, so I would always play with the cats. It was just fun. I was always outside. We were always in the woods playing. I don’t even remember watching TV really, so that’s good. I’m really glad that I grew up that way, because I still don’t watch a lot of TV. I may watch Paula Deen and ‘Law and Order’ every once in a while, but other than that, I just like to be outside. It taught me to work hard and have good morals and just be honest.

You currently live on 38-acres in Ohio. Do you have any livestock out there?

We don’t have any animals right now. We’re planting a mini-orchard. It’s going to be like a fruit farm. We have a big garden and a pond that’s probably about two acres big, which is stocked with bass and bluegill and some catfish in there. We have little four-wheelers and we have a humungous Dixie Chopper. It’s like one of the fastest lawn mowers in the world [laughs]. I also go powered, para-sailing on the land.

When the time comes for you to have your own kids, do you plan on keeping that kind of lifestyle in their lives as they grow up?

Absolutely. I like being from a small town. I feel like you get a lot of morals and values, and I want my kids to know what it’s like to work hard and how lucky they are to have a little bit of money. I definitely want to instill strong work ethic in them.

Being in the medical field, have you ever encountered a situation that made you second-guess being involved in that industry because you were so grossed out?

I’m more so on the administration side and the business side, but they did have me watch some surgeries once. When I walked in there, I was like, “Oh, no …” It was actually fine. I did really well. The only thing that I watched that kind of made me freak out a little bit was watching an epidural be put in. I leaned up against the wall just in case I went down. Luckily I didn’t. I think what made it better was I knew they were getting numbed up … I don’t know. That kind of made me queasy!

What are some of the things you’d like to see happen next in your career now that you’ve reached the goal of being a Playboy Playmate?

I have so many goals! First, I would like to continue modeling. I’m always working on my portfolio, trying to make it stronger. Also, I started selling a supplement line called YOR Health (which will be available through Williams’ website). I’m hoping to really make that huge. Then lastly, I want to open my own assisted living. I want to work really hard to make all of them come true.

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