We've had the AMF Pinorama in Utica and Kingpin Lanes in Rome for as long as we can remember, but now someone is looking to expand our area's bowling offerings by opening up some special 'luxury' lanes in Sangertown Square's Macy's wing. It's a small chain called 'PinZ' whose other three locations are in Massachusetts, and this company isn't just about bowling either.

Unlike the typical bowling alleys where the food and beer is an afterthought, PinZ will have a 100-seat upscale restaurant with an outdoor patio and you'll be able to hire them to cater your party also, because the food will be so good. Craft beer too! In order to get the kids off their iPads, there will also be a gaming section with hands on games (both virtual and traditional.)

In light of the fact that Destiny USA can't keep neat bowling places open, my fingers are crossed that this place will have longevity, as bowling isn't just a late night activity anymore and still a great family activity that shouldn't be forgotten.

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