Following the Memorial Day Weekend, Chip is officially in Summer mode and nothing says Summer like cookouts and camping!  The family and I enjoyed a very peaceful weekend camping by the lake.  Mealtime is easy when you do most of the prep these delicious kebabs that consisted of chunks of sirloin and chicken breast marinated in a vidalia onion dressing, zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and bell pepper.  You can also add chunks of vidalia onion if you prefer.  Here are some picnic stats for you to enjoy...


  • Beef is the most popular food on the barbecue. Here is the breakdown: 1) hamburger, 2) steak, 3) chicken and 4) hot dogs.
  • The number of barbecue events that occur each year in America: 2.6 billion. (The Barbecue Industry of America defines a BBQ event as a match hitting a briquette or some other BBQ fuel.)
  • The percentage of American families who own grills: 83 percent, about 74 million households. (The families that own grills like 'em so much that they often own more than one. The number of grills the average American family owns: 1.4 grills.)
  • Michigan was the first state to have roadside picnic tables.
  • 62% of us say a frisbee is required at a picnic.