While those in upstate New York are digging out from under 4 feet of snow, homeowners in western New York need a chisel.

Photographer John Kucko captured chilling photos and video of the ice houses on Hoover Beach in Hamburg after 2 days of chilling winds of Lake Erie.

Photo Credit - John Kucko Digital

Drone footage show homes coated in heavy ice while others sit unscathed. Kucko says there's are several factors to explain why some houses were hit, while others weren't.  "Heavy/sustained wind, lack of proper protection serving as a buffer, below freezing air temp and mild stretches of winter where ice along shoreline cannot form, protecting properties from lengthy winter wind events in February and March."

Kucko captured his first Ice House in March of 2017 along Lake Ontario in West Webster and thought he’d never see something like that again. His daughter, Natalie, captured her own Ice House last February near Pulaski, NY at Ramona Beach on the eastern shoreline of Lake Ontario. This year, Kucko saw more along Lake Erie. "I’m always amazed how strong these structures are to withstand the weight of the ice," says Kucko. "What I saw was unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the shoreline, anywhere."

Photo Credit - John Kucko/Natalie Kucko

The Ice Houses have gone viral, getting lots of attention. Kucko's video was even used on national media. The increased interest has the Hamburg policeasking the public to avoid the area and respect owner's privacy.

The majority of the ice encapsulated buildings in the Hoover Road area are private residences. Not only is the ice extremely unsafe and unstable, the majority is in areas which are private property. We are asking the public to please stay off the ice and refrain from entering privately owned yards or blocking driveways.

See the Ice Houses from a distance by checking out more of John Kucko's stunning work on Facebook.

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The eastern shoreline of Lake Ontario in Pulaski also got pounded by Mother Nature.

Further north, it was snow people were dealing with. So much snow fell cars were covered.

Just look at the snow fall totals. Carthage was the hardest hit at 4 feet. 4 FEET! Snowbanks were even higher.

Photo Credit - Noaa.gov

What would you rather have? Ice or snow.