Brian Lesh, son of former Grateful Dead bass player Phil Lesh, currently plays guitar with his father in their San Rafael, Calif. music venue Terrapin Crossroads. But before that they occasionally jammed together with the late Levon Helm at Helm's famous studio/barn in Woodstock, N.Y., with the last appearance coming in 2010.

Brian admired the former drummer/singer for the Band, who died in 2012 at 71 after a long battle with cancer, so much that his son has been given the name Levon, making Phil Lesh the grandfather of Levon Lesh.

The news of baby Levon's birth was announced Jan. 10 on the Terrapin Nation Facebook page, where the mantainer wrote: "Congratulations to the Lesh Family! Welcome Brian's Son, Levon Lesh in to the world!"

In addition to playing with his father and brother Grahame in the Terrapin Family Band, Brian Lesh is a member of American Jubilee. The band released an EP in Dec. 2012.

Watch Grandpa Phil Lesh Playing with Levon Helm

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