How do you say the abbreviated version of Happy St. Patrick's Day?

Almost every year as we make our way through the morning of St. Patrick's day at some point the debate starts as to whether we should be saying Happy St. Patty's or St. Paddy's when we use the abbreviation of saying Happy St. Patrick's Day.

The debate started this morning as we were giving the Hudson Valley our "Mount Rushmore" of ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (scroll down for our suggestions below) Mark sent us a text message asking us, " aren't you guys the ones that were debating last year about saying, Patty or Paddy? How are you saying it this year? I'm a PATTY guy."

Yes, Mark, that was us and if I remember correctly neither Jess nor I could agree on how to properly say the abbreviated version. I do know that if you were to ask me today one year later I would say I'm still a Happy St. Paddy's Day guy but the weird thing is if I spell it out in my head while I'm saying it I would spell it PATTY but say it PADDY!

How do you day it PADDY or PATTY? Call or text us through the Wolf country app and if you are looking for some suggestions on ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, here you go...


Mount Rushmore of Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day


1. Eat a McReuben at Mahoneys
2. Make a leprechaun trap
3. Watch the "leprechaun" movie
4. Take a shot of Bailey's


1. Wear something green
2. Eat corned beef and cabbage
3. Talk with an Irish accent at some point
4. Drink something green

How are you celebrating the day when everyone's Irish? Call or text us and have a safe and happy St. Patrick's Day!

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