Lady rocker Pat Benatar is a busy woman these days. Benatar is preparing to start recording a Christmas album and is writing a novel on the second coming of Jesus Christ. Benatar says she and her husband Neil Giraldo have been gathering material and writing for the Christmas collection they will start recording next month.

She says, "We have a lot of traditional things, but also some kind of jump blues version of Christmas songs, a couple (of) originals - it'll be a mixed bag of things... There's a lot of stuff. The recording will go quickly." - Post Chronicle

In addition to the Christmas project, the lady rocker is working on her first novel. Benatar says the book is about the second coming of Jesus Christ. Benatar explains why she choose that topic:

"It just interests me. It's one of my hobbies, so I just started writing this story. I've been putting it together for almost 10 years."

She already has a publisher in HarperCollins, but insists there's no deadline to complete the book: "They're great over there. They're like, 'Just do it. When you get it done, give it to use and we'll fly with it.'" - Post Chronicle

Benatar is currently on tour. She will wrap up her summer run at the end of August in Virginia and will play the Texas State Fair in October.