Sasha Grey hasn’t done an adult film in two years, choosing instead to move onto more mainstream roles like her stint on the HBO show ‘Entourage.’

But it’s the 23-year old actress’ well-documented former career that has the parents of students at the Emerson Elementary School up in arms after Grey read books to a first and third grade class at the Compton, California school earlier this month.

As you may expect, several parents complained about Grey’s presence, but a rep for the school district initially dealt with the uproar by claiming Grey never appeared in the classrooms. However, this tweet would suggest otherwise.

Sasha Grey Tweet

Now, TMZ has published a series of photos of Grey reading to the students, exposing the school district’s denial as a complete sham. Maybe next time Emerson will Google their celebrity readers before inviting them into the classroom.

Or better yet, invite us to school on that day! Sure, we get the invite for school picnics and stage productions. Sasha Grey shows up and our inbox is empty.

[Via TMZ]


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