The sex icon has gravitated towards rock stars and ‘bad boys’, but her fast-lane mentality isn’t just limited to lovers. Her other unbridled passion might be a little surprising at first but given her track record it makes sense. Seeking a new thrill, she recently plunked down a big chunk of her own money to start her own racing team.

The team, called “Downforce1“, will train and race in the European Le Mans Series and the International GT series. So far, they only have one driver, Austrian Kart Champion Markus Fux (I bet he does), and one very sweet looking ride, an Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT2. More are sure to join when word spreads that the blonde bombshell is looking for a few good men who know how to operate a stick shift.

There’s some serious speculation that Pamela might actually get behind the wheel herself . She’s a huge fan of professional racing from F1 to NASCAR and she seems to know her stuff since Downforce1 came together in just a couple of months.

She’s planning to enter the Aston Martin in the European Le Mans Series and hopes to enter into NASCAR by the end of next year.

I’m so proud of the Downforce 1 team. These gentlemen have achieved the impossible and built up a team in just four months, so I cannot wait to see my cars on the racetracks it’s hard to believe until I see it. Look for us in white and blue – my signature color.

Pam in a full body racing suit? Color us excited.

[Via TopSpeed]

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