Earlier this week Jack Osbourne revealed he’s been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but father Ozzy Osbourne isn’t so sure that’s the source of his recent health woes. The rocker says he’s urging his 26-year-old son to get a second opinion.

“I was misdiagnosed with MS a few years ago,” Osbourne tells Hello Magazine, the same publication Jack broke the news to. “It took them six months to work out I have a rare hereditary tremor called Parkin Syndrome.” MS does run in the family, as Sharon Osbourne’s uncle suffered from the incurable disease.

Jack Osbourne was diagnosed in April, just months after becoming a first time father. When the news broke this week, Sharon Osbourne crumbled on the set of ‘The View.’ However the next day she was more composed, promising her son would beat MS.

“It’s actually been a month and we kept it to ourselves for a month,” she told Conan O’Brien last night . “He is actually doing amazing, he is so strong and positive … my son will conquer!”

A loss of vision sent Jack to the doctors initially, but his sight has since improved. “It’s just one of those things you take as it comes,” he tells People. “It’s all about your outlook.”