Between his solo career, Black Sabbath commitments and whatever a Prince of Darkness's other duties might be, Ozzy Osbourne is a very busy man. But he always has a few minutes to spare for his son Jack.

Although many of Ozzy's more metal-minded fans might not be aware of it, Jack's latest venture is a stint on the ABC competition series 'Dancing With the Stars,' and while one might reasonably assume that growing up in a house of Sabbath could leave a young man rhythmically crippled for life, the younger Osbourne has been doing pretty well for himself this season; in fact, he's competing in the finals Nov. 25, which is why his old man is out on the campaign trail trying to drum up votes.

The Osbourne clan already has a bit of history on 'Dancing With the Stars' -- Jack's sister Kelly competed in the show's ninth season, also making it to the finals, so he's had some pretty big tap shoes to fill. And now he's getting a boost from Ozzy, who filmed a 44-second clip bearing shades of Bob Dylan's 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' video asking people to cast their ballots for Jack after he hoofs it in the finals.

Will it be enough to carry him to victory? Tune in to your local ABC affiliate at 8 PM EST on Nov. 25 to watch the performances, and again the following night at 9 to see who's crowned as this season's champion.

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