Oneonta Film Producers Lori Kelly Bailey and Joel Plue are at it again, bringing an opportunity to Otsego County residents to be part of history on film! Following great success with their movie "Garrow" about Robert Francis Garrow, a serial rapist and murderer from Minekill, NY, Bailey and Plue will be filming a World War II movie with all Otsego County filming locations.

The screenplay, written by Bailey is an adaptation of Plue's book, THE JOURNEY HOME with the story taking place in Russia during WWII.  After witnessing the slaughter of her village at the hands of the German Soldiers, little Anya must escape and journey alone across the frozen Russian tundra through a blizzard of epic proportion. Starving and slowly freezing to death, Anya will struggle to separate hallucination from reality. Each day presents a greater obstacle and another lesson learned in survival. She will be forever changed by her circumstance and the Stranger she will meet along the way.

The film's producers are looking for local talent to cast in about 60 parts. Some roles have already been cast but there are many more to fill.  An open casting call will take place at the historic Masonic Lodge at 322 Main St., Oneonta on Wednesday, January 15th. from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Actors and Extras of all ages are being sought to portray POW's, Army Air Corp Pilots, Nazi Soldiers, and Russian Civilians from age 8 to elderly.

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Bailey and Plue are especially hoping to see war veterans at the casting call. Bailey says, "My greatest desire for this film, as with all of my films, is to incorporate real locations and real people. In my last film, I cast  Regional Law Enforcement Officials, Troopers, CERT Team, ENCON, Judges, Lawyers, Farmers, Teachers, Children etc.". She goes on to say, "My Grandfather; Sgt. Harold Fuller gave his life in WW2, and I would consider it an honor to have as many Veterans as possible participate in this film. There is a truth / knowledge in their eyes. One that can not be replicated, or created by a person who has not experienced what it is like to give their life for their Country."

For more information, contact Lori Kelly Bailey by emailing:


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