With the 4th of July approaching, the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office Navigation Unit is reminding boaters to obey speed limits on local waterways.

The Sheriffs Office says its has received an extraordinary amount of complaints of vessels speeding in the New York State Canal.

They've increased patrols and encountered numerous boats traveling well above the speed limit.

Navigation Deputies patrolling the river this past weekend issued 39 warnings for speeding vessels.

Deputies will be out enforcing the speed limit so remember follow the speed limits to avoid a citation.

Authorities say the river is narrow and is becoming a very congested waterway, which is utilized by recreational boats, commercial operations, paddle craft, swimmers and anglers.

Lock 23 sees the most traffic in the State and is located in Onondaga County.

They're urging everyone to be safe and slow down.

The Oneida River west to lock 23 has a speed limit of 5 miles an hour, while the speed limit the Oneida River west to Three River is 10 mile an hour.

There is no speed limit on Oneida Lake.

Speed limits:

  • Oneida Lake – No Speed Limit
  • Oneida River west to Lock 23 – 5MPH (No Ripple, No Wake)
  • Oneida River west to Three Rivers – 10MPH (Ripple, No Wake)
  • Seneca River west through the state ditch – 10MPH (Ripple, No Wake)
  • Onondaga Lake Cut – 5MPH (No Ripple, No Wake)
  • Onondaga Lake – No Speed Limit
  • Inner Harbor – 5MPH (No Ripple, No Wake)
  • State Ditch west to county line (30mph)
  • Cross Lake – No Speed Limit

For more information, visit canals.ny.gov.

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