For some of us, the holiday season can be hard. But that won't stop Ashley Learned and her family from Oneida form trying to make some kids smile this Christmas.

Ashley's son, Kody, was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and pulmonary hypertension. He was born full-term and at only a few days old received his first open heart surgery. He was transferred from hospital to hospital for surgery and to be placed in an NICU to gain weight and get bigger for his next surgery. During the day, Kody would spend most of his time playing with the toys the hospital provided.

Ashley Learned via Prayers for Kody Michael Facebook Page

Before Kody went in for his second open heart surgery, he never gave any signs of giving up. Ashley spent 8 hours a day with him at the hospital until she had to go home to take care of her other son Kyle. He came back from his second surgery paralyzed and sedated, and that was how he spent the remainder of his days. He lived through Christmas, but they decided to let him open his presents when he came home.

Kody passed away on December 30th, 2015 at 11:13 AM. In his 126 days Kody spent on this earth, he made a bigger impact on those around him than most of us do in a lifetime. Ashley's family decided to leave Kody's present wrapped and donate them to the Crouse NICU where Kody spent most of his days, and Gallisano Children's Hospital in Rochester unit 4-2800 PICU. Ashley is collecting new toys, such as lullaby players, mobile's, infant swings, and any toy appropriate for birth to one year.

Ashley and her family are going to keep this tradition in honor of Kody and hope that their story can influence and inspire others to follow in their footsteps and make the holidays brighter for these families and kids by donating new toys.

If you want to donate new toys to the children's hospital, or get more information on how you can help, feel free to contact Ashley via the Prayers for Kody Michael Fcebook Page.

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