You can float on the water while sitting in the water in one of a kind hot tub boats in New York.

Sea the City offers the first and only hot tub tour in New York City. It comes complete with two, eight-person hot tubs. You can book by the tub with up to eight people or by the boat with up to 16 people.

Float down the Hudson River and see breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline as you head towards Liberty Island. The boat circles the Statue of Liberty before making its way back up the Hudson to home.

Photo Credit -courtandkelly via Sea the City

The boat has amenities including a large bathroom and separate changing room. Coolers are provided for your beer and wine that you are welcome to bring with you. In addition to the captain, a deckhand is also on board to help you with anything you need.

Photo Credit - Andie Turner via Sea the City

Hot tub tours will run through December and will start sailing again March 15th.

Tours leave from Manhattan and last about an hour and a half.

The tubs are professionally maintained, chlorinated spas. Health standards consistent with CDC guidelines are maintained at all times. Towel and robe rentals are available and ice is provided free of charge.

Tours run 7 days a week and cost $349 for first 2 passengers Monday through Friday. Each additional guest costs $99. You can book the entire boat with both hot tubs for $1499. If you want to float down the Hudson on the weekend, prices increase to $399 and 1799.

Gift cards are available and make a great gift for Christmas.

Get more details and book your hot tub tour at

Photo Credit - Sea the City

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