Looking at the picture, you might not even notice the common feature. You probably wouldn't even if you drove on it in your car either.

Have you driven into a parking lot in Marcy and noticed how you have to almost slow down to a crawl? That isn't normal in other parts of the Empire State. Marcy is only mentioned because the road feature seems to be most prevalent there. Everywhere else in Central New York has these annoying speed bumps in the driveways too.

This is an open letter to whoever thought this was a genius idea. Who on earth decided to put a speed bump at the beginning of every driveway? If you're not cautious you could cause some major damage to the suspension of your car. From the Capital Region to Western New York or the Hudson Valley this isn't a thing. When you go to pull into a parking spot there, you drive through nice and smoothly.

They prevent cars from speeding into a driveway, which is definitely a good thing. That is where the good things end for them. They seem like something that the towns locally could actually do something about. All they would need to do is have everything flush, it is just a little asphalt. Just do it next time the roads get paved.

I would be curious to know, have you ever noticed these in the area? After talking to a few people they never notice them because they're so used to them. Either way, please towns, fix the bumps as you enter a driveway in Central New York. My suspension would appreciate it.

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