After a cat was shot in South Utica, other cat owners have reached out to describe disturbing injuries to their own cats in the area. Is there something to be concerned about?

Credit: Christina
Credit: Christina

Earlier this week Sammy, a cat belonging to Christina Zbytniewski had to have his leg amputated, after being shot. The CNYSPCA is looking for anyone who has more information on the incident, you can reach them at 315-748-8889.

Shortly after publishing Sammy's story, we were contacted by two other cat owners in the same area, who described similar injuries to their cats.

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Peg Waterman, who also lives in South Utica, says her cat, also named Sammy and similarly colored, goes outside during the day. "Two weeks ago he went out and did not return for 8 hours. When he did return I could see he was injured. He would not willingly let me look at it. I waited a day or so before I took him to the vet. His right rear foot had been totally declawed. The vet nor I haven’t any idea how this could possibly happened."

Tiffany Gilbride had a harrowing experience with her cat, which led to the involvement of the Utica Police and Fire Departments. She says she heard her cat crying, but was unable to get to her. "My husband and some of our amazing neighbors ended up getting my cat that was stuck with a closed fox trap. Nobody could get it off of her. Our amazing neighbor came over with a saw and had to saw the springs to release the pressure. We have no idea where the trap came from, but it was not nailed down into the ground or anything."

Tiffany says she believes the incident wasn't an accident. "Someone is doing this to these amazing animals and we wanna find out who."

Are these three cats victims of some freak accidents, or is something else happening? If you know anything about these events, or have a story of your own to share, contact


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