While the historic Boy Scouts of America name change has been announced, we're wondering if you know where Boy 'Scout Troop 1 originated?

Troop 1 is located in Unadilla NY which is part of Otsego County and is the oldest continually chartered Boy Scout troop in the nation.

History states that while Rev. Yale Lyon was attending Oxford University in England, he was very impressed with the work of Scouting for Boys. When Lyon came back to the U.S., he became employed at the vestry of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church in Unadilla. It was at that time that Lyon wanted to start a program similar to Scouting in England. The Daily Star says he applied for a warrant to start a troop in April 1910, but the Boy Scouts of America headquarters in New York had a growing number of applications. Out of about 4,000 charters issued to scoutmasters in 1910, Lyon's application was No. 166.

The charter was finally issued Sept. 7, 1910. Troop 1 in Unadilla began with five boys. The first troop of any community was designated as Troop 1. Lyon served as Scoutmaster from 1910 to 1937, and after his death in 1942, Unadilla residents were determined to keep Troop 1 going...Daily Star

Unadilla has never missed a deadline filing its paperwork to renew its charter, earning it the distinction of the oldest continually chartered Boy Scout troop in the United States.

Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has unveiled the new Scout Me In campaign that features girls, as well as boys in the Boy Scout program. The organization says:

Starting this summer, all kids are invited to say, “Scout Me In,” as they join the fun, adventure and character-building opportunities found in Cub Scouts. The campaign presents an energizing Scouting experience that speaks to kids by putting them in the middle of the action. It also engages parents who are looking for ways to make the most of the time they have with their kids and help them to be Prepared. For Life...Boy Scouts 9f America

So in summary, girls and boys ages, 11-17 are invited to join the newly named Scouts BSA in 2019. The Girl Scouts will stay as we currently know them.

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