Bowling is one of the oldest past times in human history, with evidence of primitive gameplay going as far back as ancient Egyptian times. Knocking things over with a ball is just good, clean fun. And when you add some beer, food and friends to the mix, it's easy to see why bowling has remained so popular all these years.

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Indoor bowling alleys as a for-profit business, however, come and go. Because running a bowling alley is like running any other business-- there can be good times, and there can be bad times. And the fact is, a lot of bowling alleys just don't last.

But what about the bowling alleys that have lasted? What are some of the oldest bowling alleys in America? One of them can be found right here in Central New York!


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Solvay is a suburb of Syracuse, and it boasts one of the oldest bowling alleys in America. Solvay Recreation Alleys opened as a small family business all the way back in 1923, making it nearly 100 years old. 

Solvay Recreation Alleys doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, but that's part of its charm. It features 14 lanes and was allegedly the first bowling alley in Syracuse equipped with automatic pinsetters.

True to its old school roots, it doesn't offer much in terms of an online presence. A call to the business went straight to the owner's voicemail. But according to Google, it's open daily at noon.

Solvay Recreation Alley is located at 1737 Milton Ave in Syracuse.

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