The wanted criminal is George G. Ghost, Casper the Friendly Ghost's brother. After several lousy harassing decisions, he's now wanted by the New York State Police. Have you seen him?

The NYSP says "Ghost has been charged after repeatedly haunted his last home. This is the 10th time Ghost has faced these 'Harassment' charges as he also haunted many other homeowners. Ghost has been confronted by State Police on multiple occasions but has eluded capture as handcuffs don't work on ghosts, and there's no wiggle room in the NYS budget to hire Bill Murray or Dan Akroyd from the Ghost Busters."

Cindy McMullen reached out to Ghost's parents and asked why Casper the friendliest ghost we know prefers to help humans, and his brother George wants to scare them? They said:

It's Casper and George's uncles--Stretch, Fatso, and Stinkie--they're determined to scare and drive all "fleshies" away. That 'Ghostly Trio' is a terrible influence!


Photo Via New York State Police
Photo Via New York State Police

If you see Ghost you SHOULD NOT take any police-action yourself, turn around and run the other way.

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