A New York State Trooper will shed his badge and lace up his gi as the USA representative in an annual fight.

It's easy to get too confident when you have a collection of awards at home that was earned through bouts in mixed martial arts fights. Plus Joe Indelicato was pretty confident 11 years ago as he was training through the police academy and was approached by one of his mentors to spar.

"In the academy, I beat someone who was 275, and I was 145 pounds, so it gave me a false sense of security," said Indelicato who'd had previous experience with wrestling and boxing. "There was an actual fighter, so he asked me to get to get together o mornings and we sparred and I realized I wasn't good at anything, I was really horrible." This 145 pounder treated me like I was a 5-year old child." He laughed.

"The new training style for the New York State Police academy is more MMA-oriented, more functional," Indelicato said

Its the gi that represents his National Jiu-Jitsu Championship, his silver medal in the 2014 Pan American Games; it's the gi he'll wear to Buffalo RiverWorks, as the headline fighter in this year's annual Jiu Jitsu super fight, pitting the USA vs Canada

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