Next week the fair will begin selling 200 lifetime passes good for general admission to the fair. The passes are medal with your name engraved on the pass and you must provide photo ID to use the pass. The passes go on sale Monday, May 14 at 6 AM for $200 each. Daily admission is $10 for most days so if you run the numbers you can save a bunch of money not counting the price to get into the future State fairs going up.

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This is a good deal especially if go to the fair every year and a lot of people do. If you are sick and tired of dealing with buying tickets every year this may be perfect for you. A couple of things to keep in mind. The pass is medal and your name is engraved on the pass so only you may use the pass with photo ID. Lost passes will not be replaced. Passes may not be given to anyone including family members for use.

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If you purchase a Lifetime Pass you will receive a print at home voucher and must bring the voucher to the Fair Administration Building beginning August 1st to pick up your pass. Lifetime Passes will not be mailed and must be picked up during normal   Fair business hours.

There will  be a limited number of Lifetime Passes available online only at

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