Is it possible to feel injured because there's air in a box of Junior Mints? These people do so they're bringing a class action lawsuit against the company.

It's thievery and trickery! The big box of Junior Mints isn't full of candy, it's full of air! This is what three people feel, so they're suing the Tootsie Roll Company.

Biola Daniel from Manhattan was the first to sue the Tootsie Roll Company because, yes, you guessed it, she felt there was not enough candy in that box of Juinor Mints that she bought from a drug store for $1.49.

Daniel says they're deceiving us with too much air, referred to as “slack-fill” according to Lohud. “The size of the product’s boxes in comparison to the volume of the candy contained therein makes it appear to plaintiff and class members that they are buying more than what is actually being sold,” Daniel said in the 36-page suit filed this week in U.S. District Court in New York City. “Plaintiff and class members are denied the benefit of their bargain because they pay for full boxes of the product but actually receive far less.”

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