Think back to 1878, and the wild west. Billy the Kid was an outlaw killing and robbing. This decision made in New Mexico only took 130 years to make!

According to, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has decided not to pardon the infamous Wild West outlaw, Billy the Kid, who killed nine people between the years of 1878 and 1881. Here's the story.

About 130 years ago, territorial governor Lew Wallace promised Billy a pardon in exchange for a testimony about the killings he witnessed. Wallace did not meet the end of his bargain and Billy was shot dead in 1881 by Sheriff Patrick Garrett after killing two deputies and escaping jail.

Governor Richardson has said in the past that he was interested in the story and tried to pardon Billy to fulfill the promise of clemency. However, he decided against it due to insufficient details.

 "I felt I could not rewrite history.” Richardson said “I have decided not to pardon Billy the Kid because of a lack of conclusiveness, and also the historical ambiguity as to why governor Wallace reneged on his pardon."

 Should Billy the Kid have been pardoned?