TMZ is reporting that the Nirvana camp is suing high-end fashion designer Marc Jacobs for stealing their iconic smiley face logo. Jacobs' new product line, titled Bootleg Redux Grunge, features a black shirt designed with a squiggle-smiley face. The letters "M" and "J" are placed where the original layout's x's are. See an image of the product below.

Marc Jacobs, FarFetch
Marc Jacobs, FarFetch

TMZ reports that Nirvana has owned the smiley face copyright since 1992, and that their camp claims Jacobs' design is a "blatant ripoff." They also add that the lawsuit asserts Nirvana as the "founders of the 'grunge' music scene," therefore making the name Bootleg Redux Grunge an issue.

The shirt is currently available for purchase through FarFetch for $115.00. A product description is as follows:

With the ability to transcend trends and push boundaries; Marc Jacobs creates pieces infused with the designer’s predictable unpredictability. Crafted from black and yellow cotton, this T-shirt features a round neck, short sleeves and a graphic print. Pair with jeans or tailored trousers for a simple yet stylish finish.

TMZ reportedly reached out to Jacobs' representative for comment, but had not received any response at the time of publishing.

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